Welcome to our Years 5 and 6 Class - Hedgehogs

Our Year 5 and 6 class is called Hedgehogs. Our curriculum and more information about us can be found below.

Our Curriculum

Term 1 


Please click on the image to see how the curriculum is being taught in Term 1

Term 1 Curriculum Gallery

Please click on the image to view Term 1 Curriculum Gallery

Our Teachers

Miss Harriet Bailey

Our Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paula Drew

Our Class Gallery

Last year this is what we learnt about:

Other Classes

Hedgehogs News

Singing Games

Singing Games

Our Sing Up Leaders have been enjoying the Autumn sunshine during our play times. Here they are leading the song 'Mrs Macaroni'. If you would like to join in our games come to the Music Garden on Monday and Thursday playtime's with Mrs Dixon...

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Hedgehogs design their own Floodland

Hedgehogs design their own Floodland

This term, Hedgehogs have started their Floodland topic by studying the illustrations that accompany the book and using them to inspire their own artwork. We looked at different lines, tones, hatching as well as the different colours found in...

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