This week,  Year 4 received an interesting letter from a man called Phileas Fogg. In the letter, Phileas  explained that he needed to go around the world in only 80 days and was desperate for us to help him with this. 

As we knew that Phileas Fogg would visit us at school, we decided to think of some questions to ask him when he arrived. We discussed how in order to help him travel around the world, we would first need to know why he had to go on such an adventure. We also considered how we would need to know which countries he would like to visit while on his journey around the world, and how long he would like to spend in each location.

After we had prepared our questions, Phileas Fogg arrived at our classroom door! 

We took turns to interview Phileas and found out that he needs to travel around the world in 80 days, as he had made a wager with his friends! He told us which countries he would like to pass through and said that he didn’t mind how long he spent in each country, as long as he returned to London within 80 days. 

We enjoyed meeting Phileas and we are very excited to help him travel around the world by producing travel guides on the countries that he will travel through!

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