Celebrating 15 years of excellence this September 2001 – 2016

This September The Mead is celebrating a fabulous 15 years since it opened in 2001.  We would love to hear from children, parents and staff, past and present with their memories of being at The Mead.   To view these memories please click here,  and to view notes from the day’s celebrations please click here.


Over the 15 years many great professional and committed staff have worked at the school and we would love to see them as well and say thank you for the contribution they made or still make to the school.  The Mead is a very special place and this is in no small part due to the hard work and talents of our staff.

Under the leadership of founding Headteacher Lyssy Bolton in 2001 the school has grown and thrived over the 15 years.  The school has been graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in each of our last three full inspections and our Early Years setting is a model of best practice used in the training of Ofsted Inspectors. We were named as a National Support School in 2007 and then designated as one of the first 36 Primary Teaching Schools in the country in 2011. We are currently a lead school nationally for English, The Arts, Early Years, Outdoor play and learning, SEND and Research and Development.  We successfully amalgamated with Wingfield CofE Primary in 2009 and offer outstanding provision at the Wingfield site to a growing number of children from the community.  Current Head of School Emma Holton started at the school when it opened as a new teacher and has grown with the school taking on her current role in September 2014.

Over the 15 years the parent community through the Friends of the Mead has made a fantastic contribution to the school community, putting on events and supporting the development of the school, in particular the outdoor spaces at both sites.  The Friends of the Mead has raised over £300,000 in the 15 years.  The support of parents and volunteers is hugely valued by the school and this is a chance to say thank you to all those families who have supported the school in many different ways.




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