We were very proud to launch the new Mead Academy Community Choir or MACC for short on a soggy Tuesday in January. There were a good number of us squeezed into the music studio and it was great to see folk from different sites come together. We gave Stevie Wonder a unique interpretation and managed three part harmony with Carly Simon, I was very impressed by how much we covered, having only been together for 2 sessions.

All things being well, we’re back after half term on Tuesday 21st Feb 8pm. Hope to see you there!

 Here are some of the comments from people who came:

I’ve really enjoyed the singing, company and laughs. A great all round work out! “

“I’d had a rubbish day at work and I just wanted to collapse into my sofa and not come but I pushed and came anyway. It made me feel so much happier”

” there’s a real sense of community “

I LOVED it! I will be back for sure “

 If you’d be interested in joining, please email Sara: staylor@themead.wilts.sch.uk

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