On June 19th 2016, the Polar Ocean Challenge, led by David Hempleman-Adams, set off from Bristol in a boat called Northabout to circumnavigate the North Pole anticlockwise. David and the crew wanted to demonstrate that the Arctic sea ice coverage now shrinks back so far in the summer months that sea which was permanently locked up now allows passage through.

On 20th October 2016, the Northabout returned to Bristol having travelled 13,500 nautical miles and successfully completed a circumnavigation of the North Pole in one summer season (4 months and 1 day).

Before setting off, David created a charity called Wicked Weather Watch, an education based program which is engaging with schools on the issues of climate change, notably in the Arctic area.

Throughout the Challenge, David kept in touch with schools across the UK via Wicked Weather Watch. Live link ups connected pupils with the crew, and pupils were able to track the Challenge’s progress through the Ship’s Logs.

240 Year 5 pupils from 5 schools across Trowbridge and Melksham (The Mead Community Primary School, River Mead Primary School, Castle Mead Primary School, The Grove Primary School and Holt Primary School) joined together to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to talk to David on the Northabout, and are now delighted that he is visiting them in person to talk more about the trip and view the work they’ve done as a result of the live link ups.

David will be at The Mead Community Primary School at 10am on Wednesday 23rd November 2016, where he will be greeted by the 240 children and displays of their Polar Ocean Challenge work.

Mrs Nicola Ellis, Understanding Our World lead teacher at The Mead Community Primary School, said “David’s trip to The Mead will give 240 children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from, and talk to, one of our country’s greatest explorers. We’re thrilled to have been able to link 5 schools from across David’s home county, and bring the wonderful work of the Polar Ocean Challenge and Wicked Weather Watch into our classrooms in such a real way. We can’t wait to meet him, and show him the children’s conclusions to the Noarthabout’s travels.”

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