Welcome to our Nursery/Year R Class - Mice

Our Nursery and Reception class is called Mice. Our curriculum and more information about us can be found below.

Mice Teachers

Mrs Kate Seviour (Senior Early Years Teacher)
Mrs Theo Gaines (Early Years Lead)

Mice Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jayne Ogbourne (Early Years Teaching Assistant)

“Welcome to the Mice page. Here you will find out all about what our Nursery and Reception children are up to this term. If you have any questions about our topics, please talk to a member of the Mice team or stop in at the school office.” Mrs Seviour, Class Teacher

Reception Curriculum (Term 6)

Our Community and Beyond

Please click on the buttons below to see how each term’s curriculum has been taught this year


Here are some of our favourite pictures from the last term or two. Can you spot yourself or your friends?

Moving into Reception

Whether your child is staying in Mice to join our Reception class, or going to another school, here is some useful information about how you can help your child move up from Nursery into their Reception year.

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