Welcome to our Nursery Class - Ladybirds

Our Nursery class is called Ladybirds. More information about our class can be found below.

Term 3

The Orchard Nursery Newsletter – Term 3

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Term 3 Curriculum Gallery

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Our Teachers

Miss Theo White

Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs Julie Stephens

Mrs Rachel Rossi

Miss Jay Palmer

Miss Simone Waldron


Other Classes

Nursery News

Independent Making

Independent Making

The children have been using the play dough station to independently make their own play dough. They made 'pizza' and 'marshmallows' which they cooked on the 'campfire' in their den....

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Bedtimes stories and star gazing

Bedtimes stories and star gazing

The Orchard Nursery hosted an evening of bedtimes stories, hot chocolate and star gazing. It was a partially clear night so families were able to spot some constellations with their children....

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