Class News

Success for Grant Funding

We are delighted to inform you that once again The Mead has been successful in obtaining grant funding in the latest round of Condition Improvement Funding. This funding has been awarded for heating replacement / upgrade at both The Hilperton and Wingfield sites and...

Trip to Brokerswood

We had a fantastic day at Brokerswood. We arrived in high spirits! After a quick pit stop we were straight into challenging ourselves with one of the four exciting activities: zip line, archery, climbing and canoeing. The children all used a...

Mice in the Zoo

Mice loved their visit to Bristol Zoo. We saw gorillas, monkeys, seals, penguins, red pandas and many more amazing creatures. We learned about different habitats and what different animals need to live.

3D Sculptures

In Term 6, Pine Martens have been making a 3-D sculpture of a sea creature. They each had a ball of clay and used techniques with their hands to mould the clay into the sea creature that they have chosen to create a fact file for. They had a...

Inspired Art

We have had a fantastic fortnight in Year Three. A visit from the author CS Clifford has inspired our reading and writing. What an insight in to how his ideas became books! We have begun exploring lines and emotion with mixed media in our Art...

Water Sports

Year 5 had a fantastic day taking part in a range of water sport activities in South Cerney. We built and raced rafts, learnt to canoe and paddle board. Generally had an awesome, if not a little wet, time! 

Paper Helicopters

In Year 4, we have been putting our investigative skills to the test by experimenting how wing length affects how a paper spinner will fall. Conclusions and analysis to follow next week.

Light and Shadows

This week in Year 6 we've been investigating how light travels and conducting our own investigations into the relationship between light and shadows.  

Kensuke’s Kingdom

It's been another busy and exciting week in Year 3. The Otters and Ravens have continued their adventure in to Kensuke's Kingdom, we spent a morning figuring out what we might need to survive on a desert island! We even followed a map of the school to find food, water...

Girl of Ink and Stars

Last week, Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to watch a theatre version of the book we studied in term 1: Girl of Ink and Stars. The University students of Bath, directed by Barra Collins, performed the 90 minute show. The children had the...

The Birdman debate

In our class, we had a debate about one of Why the Whales Came's main characters: The Birdman. Half of our class were in favour of including him in life on the island of Bryher and half of us were in favour of keeping away from him....

Smashing Saxons

This week in Year 4, we have started learning about the Anglo-Saxons. Some of us designed and made our own Saxon shields which we shared in class.


To start the term off year 5 spent the day exploring, learning and discussing the topic of inequality. We learnt about well-known figures who fought for equality and discussed ways we could eliminate it. 

Trip to Bristol Aquarium

Year 1 went on an amazing trip to Bristol Aquarium! We were lucky enough to have a guided tour around the aquarium and learnt lots of interesting facts about the fish. One of our favourite facts is that octopuses are true escape artists – they...

Growing Plants

Year 3 at Hilperton had an exciting start back to the summer term, looking at plants. We have designed investigations to see if we can prove exactly what plants need to survive and grow. We are creating our own bean graph too where each day we...

Musical Maths

Children in Year 3 have been increasing their mathematical skills by using the programme Mathewhackits. This involves playing Boomwhackers whilst saying the timetables accompanied by a backing track. Their skills are really improving and they are having fun as they...

Day of free fun at community fest

Families enjoyed a day of free fun and entertainment at the Trowbridge community festival which was put on by staff and children at The Mead School in Trowbridge over the weekend. You can read the full article on the Wiltshire Times’...


Mice have been creating potions this week. They had a range of ingredients to use including flour, water, food colouring and bubbles to create their weird and wonderful coloured potions.   

Non-Chronological Reports

This week we have been finishing and editing our non-chronological reports. We have begun publishing them in handwriting pen. We can't wait to show them to our grown-ups next week.  

Roman Shields

Year 3 have begun an exciting investigation into testing, designing and creating their own Roman shield that will offer them the best protection in a battle. Did you know that the Roman word for a shield is Scutum? We  began by testing which...

Run the World School Event

Year 4 took part in the 'Run the World' event which was organised by the friends of The Mead. We had 10 minutes to run as many laps of the school as we could to raise money. We put in a huge amount of effort and completed over 300 laps of the...

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