Ravens and Foxes have been having lots of fun in our Computing sessions. First, we discussed what the word ‘algorithm’ means. We learned that an algorithm is a set of steps that need to be carried out in a specific order. Lots of us realised that we carry out many algorithms as part of our daily routines- such as brushing our teeth! We realised that brushing our teeth is an algorithm because we must make sure that we carry out the steps involved in this activity in the correct order, otherwise we might use the tooth brush without any tooth paste on… We all found this very funny to imagine!

Next, we practised giving each other algorithms. We gave our partners instructions needed to move from one side of the classroom to another and then sit on a chair. We really enjoyed pretending to be robots!

Finally, we had a go at creating an algorithm to help younger children share sweets equally. This involved lots of problem solving but we all showed great determination. We can’t wait to develop our understanding of algorithms through applying this knowledge to Beebots…


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