What a way to end an amazing term – a super hero art workshop! 

Earlier in the week, Foxes and Ravens learnt about the artist Roy Lichtenstein.  First, we looked at some of his artworks and discussed how he used techniques which were used in Pop Art. We noticed that Lichtenstein mainly used the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) in his paintings and also discussed how he used a mixture of block colour and tiny dots. These are techniques which we practised using a variety of mediums including oil pastels and wax crayons. 

Once we decided which mediums we preferred using, we drew ourselves as superheroes and coloured our art in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. We used these skills to teach our grown ups during the superhero workshop.

We had lots of fun showing our grown ups our artistic skills and loved teaching them how to create a ‘Pop Art’ picture. Well done grown ups for trying out these art skills! 

We have had a fantastic term and are now really looking forward to learning about The Great Fire of London… 

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