Aspiring dancers from The Mead attended a workshop with The English National Ballet Company.

Our day started early and we were greeted at the stage door of the Bristol Hippodrome by Charlotte, who took us straight onto stage to start work!!!

We began our day with warm up and then a class where we went into role as the characters from Romeo and Juliet. We  performed our own ‘mini’ version, on the same stage that the dancers perform on! 

After looking at the spectacular costumes and wigs, we learnt more about the show, before watching the ballerinas in their own ballet class.  We then got to meet 3 of the dancers from the company and asked them many questions about their roles. They were inspirational and so friendly.

After lunch we watched the most amazing version of Romeo and Juliet with Rudolf Nureyev’s inventive and passionate choreography and Prokofiev’s exhilarating score performed live by English National Ballet Philharmonic. We were speechless and even had a tear in our eyes at the end!


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