On Wednesday 20th three of our Year 5’s went to compete in the Trowbridge in Bloom public speaking competition.  The team of three had to speak for two minutes each on a subject chosen from two options.  The team chose to talk about; Schools produce all sorts of waste that goes to landfill. How can schools recycle and upcycle their waste to improve the environment? They would be judged on the following criteria; Criteria for adjudication for each student:

  1. a) Structure- evidence of teamwork rather than ‘stand- alone’ presentations.
  2. b) Style appropriate to a semi-formal occasion
  3. c) Voice; clarity and audibility.
  4. d) Appropriate content
  5. e) Visual aid use – no electronic screen slide shows,( eg, Powerpoint).
  6. f) Communication with listeners

We walked to Trowbridge town hall on Wednesday morning after the children had spent a week honing and practising their speeches. We arrived and were shown to the competition room.  After meeting the judges and our guest of honour (The Lord Mayor) the team took part in some warm ups before being first to speak.  All of the school’s entries were impressive and over lunch we discussed how it could have been any of the entries that took home the prize. But it was our school that took the award! First place to The Mead.  We received certificates, a shield to keep for a year and each team member was awarded a silver salve. Well done team – a great reflection of our confident and well informed children.

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