Children from Year 4 demonstrated their performance skills in a special Ukulele Assembly on the Hilperton site. Fireflies gave an uplifting performance of ‘Supercalifragilistic’  and ‘Don’t Worry be Happy’ whilst Merlins played and sang ‘Magnificant Men in their Flying Machines’ and ‘Best Day of My life’. Children who have carried on learning the Ukulele in Year 5 and 6 also demonstrated how they have improved their playing skills with a medley of songs. Congratulations to all our talented performers and a huge thank you to Mrs Andrews who teaches them so expertly.

The pupils at WF school did themselves proud at the end of last term, performing in the ukulele assembly. The children in year 4 had been working hard at perfecting their tunes and played a number of different pieces. There were also a few solos and smaller groups. Two pupils from year 5 who have carried on their ukulele learning also performed an Ed Sheerhan song and a tab piece from the Rock School Exam. Well done to all involved.




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