As part of our Mission to Mars topic, last week Year 4 visited @ Bristol. First, we took part in a Space Workshop. We had a go at a number of activities, which were designed to show us what life would be like in space. For example, we had a go at using some gym equipment and evaluated each exercise activity to decide whether we would be able to do it if we were in space, where there is no gravity. We also really enjoyed using remote controlled robots to build towers out of 3D shapes. This showed us how astronauts on the space station would use large  robotic arms to mend any damages to the space station while in space.

 After lunch, we had the opportunity to visit the Planetarium. We saw an interesting film about Mars, which has given us lots of ideas to include in our stories we are currently writing. After the film, we had a bit of ‘free time’ to explore the science centre. We had a go at lots of fun and exciting activities, such as bubble making and animation films!

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