Last week, Foxes and Crickets received a letter from the BFG saying that he had lost all of his dream jars and he thought he may have dropped them in the woods! Without hesitating, we decided that we needed to go to the woods to try and find the lost dreams.

As soon as we arrived at the woods, we noticed something was different… One tree was covered in bright colours! We then split into groups to explore the woods. We found lots of dream jars hidden amongst the trees! 

Each of the dream jars that we found had a different section of a dream. For example, one jar that we came across read: ‘Main Character, a boy called Olly who loves playing sports’.

Once we had collected and recorded all of the interesting details from the dream jars, we got into groups and discussed our ideas for a fantasy creature. We then used twigs and other things which we found in the woods to make a miniature home for our fantasy characters.

 We had lots of fun in the woods and collected lots of ideas which we may use when we write our own dreams for the BFG!

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