Outdoor and Adventurous learning at The Mead is very important as we strongly believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom. Children’s intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual and emotional development can be enhanced and enriched by active participation in experiences not available inside.

Offsite activity is not only about what is learnt, but importantly about how and where learning takes place. Children make sense of the world around them, and make links between feelings and learning. They transfer learning experienced outside back to the classroom.

In Key Stage 2 children are taken on residential trips. These often prove to be the most memorable of learning experiences, staying with children in the long term, affecting behaviour and influencing values.

Developing Skills

We aim to support children to develop a range of skills and attributes to give them the ability to integrate socially. These include:

  • developing leadership skills
  • self reliance
  • a sense of responsibility
  • initiative
  • resourcefulness
  • Increasing their self-confidence
  • dignity
  • feelings of self-worth
  • learning to work purposefully in a team with unselfishness and good fellowship
  • gain the necessary insight, skills and knowledge to pursue outdoor education in adult life helping them to meet challenges that are beyond their normal experiences
  • develop mentally, spiritually and physically, appreciating all that community life within the town and countryside can offer

Team Building and Risk Awareness

These trips provide opportunities for team building as well as outdoor and adventurous activities, and they are tremendously popular with the children. They can only go ahead with the goodwill of the teaching and support staff in organising and running the visits, and the support of the parents who go away with the children too.

It is also important for pupils to become involved in practical risk assessment and decision-making to help them become risk-aware, rather than risk-averse.

Children from each site join together for the residential for their year group. Even though the children are in mixed year classes on our Wingfield site we ensure children in Year 3 link with the Hilperton Year 3 children, etc.

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