Inclusion and SEN

Every member of our school staff team is committed to our inclusive ethos and philosophy. We know that all children are different, they all have individual needs and every child’s learning journey is different. We recognise that children may need different types of support for different periods of time and at various times in their school life.  Our view of inclusion is represented in the diagram below – we want all our children to feel part of our school communities.

Our teachers and Teaching Assistants cater for all abilities within a class through responsive teaching and appropriate challenge. We are committed to early recognition and intervention, and providing the best possible provision and support. Progress and outcomes are continually monitored.  

Our Inclusion Lead is Mrs Kate Seviour. You can contact her via the school office on 01225 759273 or by emailing

The Thrive Approach

We have implemented The Thrive Approach into our school, with great success. If children have been emotionally knocked off track, either briefly or for long periods, Thrive helps professionals and parents / carers understand the needs being signalled by the child’s behaviour and gives targeted strategies and activities to help them to re-connect.

The approach provides a distinct way of working with children that supports their key social and emotional development. In particular, it prepares professionals to work with children and their parents and carers, in targeted ways, who have struggled with difficult life experiences. This helps children to re-engage with life and learning in order to develop them into confident, happy and creative children with healthy, curious minds.

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